A Court of Thorns and Roses

We need hope, or else we cannot endure.

— Sarah J. Maas

I was in such a book slump. Was I ever going to read another good book again? Doubtful I thought. My mind was lost in Scotland within the castles of my most recent historical romance. So I went to my faithful friend Google to search for best-selling novels. A court of thorns and roses came across my screen. Goodread nominations, 5 star reviews. A click and quick download later, my world was forever changed.

I had never read Sarah J Maas before and though I am fan of George R Martin and Tolkien, the world of young adult fantasy was new to me. I am however an avid fairy tale lover and adventure seeker. So the  synopsis of a Beauty and the Beast retelling hooked me in.

A young woman named Feyre, is the ‘beauty’ in this tale. She is a self trained huntress forced to brave the freezing snow of winter in an unforgiving forest all with the ever present danger of forbidden faeries. She takes risks so that her family can survive the poverty of their circumstances. So when Feyre comes across a wolf of unnatural size and stealth, she kills the predator. A decision that changes everything, Her family, her home, her world and her heart.

Yet maybe…maybe it will be a favour to the world, to my village, to myself, to kill him while I remain undetected.

— Sarah J. Maas

My word. This book is incomparable. From the first page I was captivated. Sarah J Mass is such an incredible story teller. This book is so easy to read. Not because of simplicity in language or plot. On the contrary her words create colour and moving imagery across the pages. Rather the simplicity is that I didn’t have to think. I just became. I was Feyre in the forest in winter. I traveled with her over the wall to the faerie world of Prythian and the beauty of the spring court. My heart broke in empathy for a sister so underappreciated and valued, at the same time that it sang for a half beast, half Fae High Lord – Tamlin.

The story however had the most unexpected turn of events. It was here that my pages started to turn faster and faster. The event of which I speak is known as “under the mountain”. A David verse Goliath situation. Good verse Evil. Be warned readers, your heart will scream, it will cheer and it will be so so happy that you picked up this wonderful book.

You will encounter complex characters who will frustrate you, anger you, intrigue you and make you wanting more. One in particular drew my interest in a sexy, yet complex manner. Feyre is the most amazing heroine and this fanciful world will leave you feeling like our own existence is all but black and white.

This is a 5 star book. Best news ever is that there is no need for a book depression in that it has a sequel (A Court of Mist and Fury), which I recommend setting time aside for immediately after completing. Trust me you will be left wanting more. More and more and more and more.


I came to claim the one I love.

— Sarah J. Maas





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