A Court of Wings and Ruin

Warning Review contains spoilers

I will find you again in the next world – the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.

— Sarah J Maas

Sitting in my car before school pick up, watching with eager anticipation as my copy downloads itself onto the happy face of my kindle. A palpable nervous energy skimmed along my fingers as I began to scroll towards the first chapter. With the busy week I had ahead, I knew that I should be patient and wait for a day with no distractions before such a book indulgence. The geek in me however could not resist the temptation. After all it is SARAH J MAAS and I had waited for what felt like forever to know what was happening in the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae.

Now the series ‘A court of thorns and roses” (ACOTAR) is my weakness. This final book to Feyre and Rhys story, was always going to leave me in a book depression and I can confirm that I am indeed feeling like an empty shell. A good, yet frustrated empty shell.

A court of wings and ruin (ACOWAR) picked up where the 2nd book ended. I feel like the continuation of the story was perfectly placed. Whilst the former book was incredibly character driven, allowing readers to fall in love with Rhys and his court of dreamers. Book 3 is much more action pact and scene driven. I understand the need for this transition, as Sarah has an epic story to tell. A story with alliances and battles, scheming rather than healing and a climax that left me hyperventilating at the ‘it moment’. The complete story arc felt right. Yes, maybe too perfect, but I am an addict to a happy ending.

I have so many Ahh moments that I need to debrief. Warning there will be spoilers. Here is a list of my exposition and feelings or totally:

‘Get Out Of Town’ moments

1. When Cassian and Azriel did their literal earth shattering superhero entrance, slamming into the ice, to save the day. I too, like Feyre, loosed a “shuddering sob” not only because they were alive and well, but also because, my word it was just so HOT. As much as I totally love empowered women and the fact that Feyre is a kick ass warrior high lady, for me there is something so feminine about the concept of being rescued. To be the beauty in one’s own story, a girl worth fighting for (of which we all are). Or maybe it’s simply that I have a thing for guys with muscles who fly.

2. When Tamlin goes animalistic and saves Feyres’ life in the Hybern war camp. Yes yes yes… Oh my gosh I loved seeing him redeem himself. Then there was the moment that he spoke those three powerful words “Be happy Feyre” (Heart cramp)!

I cannot for the life of me hate Tamlin. I actually think that he is although clueless, a rather complex character. There is a lot to his back-story that we don’t know and hence I think that it is easy to make assumptions. He appears pretty tortured, battling his own demons that he doesn’t tell anyone about. I have such empathy for him. His heart is good and I actually do think that he always planned to be heroic despite his poor decisions. He just doesn’t know how to communicate and makes choices based on fear.

Talin was raised in a family with a submissive mother. His family followed tradition closely. He was trained to be a soldier but not a leader and shuts down emotionally when faced with adversity. He wants to be a musician!! Bless… Rhys in contrast was raised by an empowered female role model, communicates well, and without resentment owns his place in the world.
If only Feyre and Tamlin had an honest ‘break up moment’. Tamlin needs closure. Please please Sarah make a novella that completes Tamlins’ journey. He needs his own ‘Rhys’ to help heal his wounds.

3. Everything about Azriel. I so love him and want him to find happiness (just not with Elaine). In fact you could give me anything to read about Azriel and Cassian and I would die happy.

4. Archeron Family. I am the eldest of three sisters, so maybe this is why I cried the biggest tears over Nesta, Feyre and Elaine’s slowly healing relationship. When they laid down together, gripping each other in love within the war camp I ugly cried out loud. Then when their dad came back with an army, proving himself to his beautiful daughters I was a total tear puddle. Totally didn’t see it coming but so incredibly grateful that it did. What a powerful and beautiful family. I had no real remorse at his death. Someone special had to die and it was fitting that it was him. He redeemed himself to his beloved daughters in such an epic and glorious manner, showing them a true fathers heart. Such a gift of true love.

There are parts of the story line that have issue with. Frustrations that have left me so mad and frankly disappointed. So here is a list of my rants or rather:

‘What the Heck’ moments

1. Feyre in the spring court. Why so vengeful. All because of a grudge. Couldn’t she discern any good in Tamlin. I mean she contemplated killing him. I totally understand Tamlin’s rant at the high lords gathering. Everything he said totally made sense from his perspective. She destroyed his entire court!

2. Lucian, aka the Jamie Fraser of Prythian. I have always had a soft spot for red heads. My sister has the most stunning auburn hair and would totally own the Autumn court. A court by the way that I am totally obsessed with. It felt very Lords of the rings, with its expansive palace hidden amongst a forest described as being like “inside a jewel box”. I’m sure that Elrond would approve.

Lucian has always been like a ‘wet flannel’ to me. Lacking in conviction he assisted in the Spring court downfall. I am so mad how time after time he not only ignored Tamlin’s bad behaviour, but was dishonest to him also. I’m especially frustrated with the lies surrounding the manner in which Feyre left in book 2. Seriously Lucian, be a man! Saying all this, I loved the character development and Lucien and Feyres’ friendship. I am hoping that Sarah does a future novella based on him. By the way I totally ship Lucian and Elaine.

3. I have lost all respect for Mor. I am so upset with how she has treated Azriel. I think that it is disgraceful to have so little regard for someone who has done nothing but love you for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. I am just not sold. If Mor didn’t feel comfortable revealing she is gay, she could have simply told Azriel that she doesn’t love him, to please move on and be happy. Rather she flirtatiously toys with him and then parades other men in front of him, to hurt him. Azriel already has such a low self worth. Mors integrity is destroyed. I now officially don’t care about her at all.

A Court of Thorn and Ruin

Around a year ago this series fell into my hands and opened up my eyes to the stunning world of fantasy. ACOTAR was the retelling of a fairytale that captivated me with magic, bravery and faerie lore. ACOMAF was a love letter from Rhysand to my heart. He won the crown of book boyfriend king and turned the internet world wild with passionate fandom subjects. ACOWAR created in me a slightly less enamoured fan girl, however I have faith in Sarah J Maas that all will be resolved in the future dynasty of her Prythian world.

Despite my WTH moments, I think that A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN is a 5 star book. I can’t rate it any less considering how effortlessly hooked I became. Impeccable writing style, alluring love stories and a captivating plot has left me obsessing over YouTube for interviews of Sarah J Maas and her fantasy world.

Please note that this book in my opinion is new adult rather than young adult. There is “sexy time” of which there are no complaints from me, however some readers may need to be forewarned.
As an obsessed fan girl, who embarrassingly does have a Pinterest board devoted to ACOTAR, trust me as I wave this book/series in front of your nose begging you to please read it. Embrace the hype and totally enjoy!!!

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