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5 Stars: Can’t sleep until the entire book is consumed. Then I want to read it again and again. Books that leave me in a book depression or happy zombie state. Where functioning in reality is secondary to the imaginary world created by masterful authors.

4 Stars: An enjoyable reading experience with likable characters, engaging plots and beautiful pros.  A book that I highly recommend however don’t feel the need for a reread within the next 12 months.

3 Stars: A book that I can read a chapter of and then not pick up again for a week. Interesting plot but with something missing, Maybe its a flawed writing technique or characters I find too frustrating to stay focused with. Overall an average read.

2 Stars: Does not keep me entertained. For some crazy reason I slog through the pages until the end. A book to either leave and forget, or cringe at myself for the time lost in a boring and unstructured world.

1 Star: Not a fan at all. Did not even finish the first 100 pages. Refund please.

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